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How to Measure your Lampshades

We get asked all the time what sizes we recommend for a lamp stand.

Well this depends on your lamp stand, it can be quite hard to decide so we have put together this measuring guide to help before you buy.

We have three standard sizes

20cm, 30cm & 40cm

20cm and 30cm lampshades are suitable for table lamps depending on the size of your lamp stand. This sizes are also suitable for ceiling fittings.

We recommend 40cm lampshades for ceiling fittings depending on the size of your chosen room. They are also suitable for big floor lamps.

If you have brought a lamp stand with a lampshade or you want to up date an existing lamp stand you can use this to help measure.

Lets start measuring

We measure your lampshades in diameters so to start measure across the top of your lampshade as shown in the photograph below.

Do not measure around the lampshade this is a common mistake when we get custom requests. You end up with a lampshade that is HUGE! (unless of course you need this)

Next we measure the height - this is pretty much what it says on the tin - if you need your lampshade to be higher than our standard measurements not a problem we are able to do this for you.

Our standard heights are:

20cm in diameter x 18cm high

30cm in diameter x 21cm high

40cm in diameter x 25cm high

What if you don't have a lampshade to measure? Where to start?

The best thing to do is measure just like we did before. Depending on the size of your lamp stand will depend on how you want to measure. Let's start small - we are going with a small lamp stand like the one below.

Ideally, you do not want a big shade for this, as this is ideal for a bed side lamp. Start with using your tape measure, let's measure 15cm as a starting point. Place the tape on the table and put the lamp on top making sure its even on both sides.

Looking over the top of the lamp stand you would be able to see where the lampshade will sit. Too small? Add another 5cm on your tape measure - increase or decrease until you have your desired size.

Now we need to measure the height - this is your personal preference and will depend on your lamp stand. We would suggest trying a lampshade you may already have to see where it sits on the lamp to ensure the bulb does not show.

And thats it - if you are still unsure please get in touch us we will be happy to help and even meet you virtually by contacting you via Teams so you can show us your requirements.

We are able to help with custom sizes - just drop us a message and we will be help and quote.

Check out these sizes and shapes we have done for our clients before



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