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Helping Ukraine

We are sure many of you are feeling the way we are towards to hideous attack on Ukraine. We can’t believe what we have been watching and whilst we never thought we would see this in our lifetime, it has affected us both.

Sat listening to the news and seeing the horrific images of children, families and friends praying for Russia to pull back wasn’t enough for us.

As a small business, we wanted to help so we have printed a Limited Edition Sunflower Tea Towel.

Handprinted on organic cotton, each tea towel has been handprinted with a sunflower design, the national flower of Ukraine and blue hearts in their countries colours. This tea towel we hope will be sunshine to all that purchase it.

Purchase yours here:

60% of the sales are donated to The Red Cross to help the people of Ukraine. The other 40% is used to purchase the materials we need to produce these. We are literally taking zero profit from this.

Amanda has also helped by purchasing and getting involved in donating nappies, toiletries and toothbrushes. She has also being collecting donations and taking them to be packed up and sent to Poland.

Although we know these donations are small they will be gratefully received and we would like to thank everyone who purchased so far.

As we have chosen to publicise our donations, as part of the Commercial Participation Terms, have made the following Commercial Participation statement which is available here, on our shop and on the receipt of every sale. This statement matches the information we have entered on our donation form.

60% of every sale will be donated to British Red Cross via Work for Good

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