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Biodegradable Packaging

Updated: May 15, 2022

Every year the UK generates more than two million metric tons of plastic packaging waste. This equates to roughly 36 kilograms of plastic packaging waste per person. The quantity of plastic packaging waste collected per UK household averaged 20.12 kilograms in 2019 (stat from

Our ethos is to reduce waste and one way we ensure this is, is by using biodegradable or reusable packaging.

Our Foam Chips

Did you know our foam chips used to protect your lampshade in transit is biodegradable?

We use Eco Flo® an alternative packing material made from GM-free starch. Providing a great substitute to polystyrene packing products, Eco Flo is 100% biodegradable and independently proven to offer better all-round protection than other non-eco-friendly alternatives.

All you have do is put the foam chips in water and watch them dissolve. It's that easy.

Check out our video to see how they work

What about the tape we use?

We use Pandabode™ packing tape to ensure that your box or parcel are packed securely, as well as sustainably. Made in the UK from recyclable brown kraft paper it is recycling bin friendly.

Our Boxes

Your lampshade will arrive a previously used box that has plenty of life left in it! Most of the time you would never know its been used once before.

Our postbox boxes are of course recyclable.

Our Labels and Belly Bands

We have been super lucky to find another small business to work with the production of our labels, stickers and belly bands. All made from Kraft paper with no glossy finish and we use twine to attach our labels to our products.

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